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Looking for your soulmate is no easy thing. Fortunately, astrology Aries (March 21 - April 19): Leo, Sagittarius, And Libra. Tina Gong/Bustle 2. Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Capricorn, Pisces, And Scorpio. Tina Gong/Bustle.
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Small inconvenience, Mercury is in retrograde in your sign from July 20 to August 2 , and delays and misunderstandings can irritate you. From October 4 , Venus and Mercury in your affection sector bring you love on a platter and accentuate the possibilities of encounters. From November 20 , Mars gives magnitude to your desires. Venus enters your opposite sign on November 27 and Jupiter on December 3 , which predicts the best for your love life in when emotional stability will settle in for good.

Jupiter in your emotional sector and in your friendly sign, all year long, supports your love life. Happiness, emotional expansion and strengthening ties, awaits you. Until mid-February, Mercury accentuates the chances of new encounters and Mars grants you a beautiful sensuality. From March 2 to 27 , Venus in your opposite sign calms tensions and sends you love and protection. Be prudent from April 11 to August 12 , when Jupiter pulls back.

It will then be a question of thinking about the strength of your links and your commitment. Summer will be full of warmth, encounters, shared feelings and a libido boost. All summer, the planets in your sign bring you love, complicity and encounters. The only setback is that Mercury recedes in your sign from July 8 to Do not take it too close to heart, everything will work out. From September 15 to October 21 , communication will be optimal. The new Moon of November 26 , will strengthen your links, and the arrival of Venus, in your relationship sector on December 21 , will propel you to cloud 9 and bring you love and pleasure.

From February 11 to April 18 , Mercury provides new encounters. Venus is in your relationship sector from March 27 to May 16 and increases your feelings and your need for love, as well as making you more affectionate. The only hiccup? Mercury falls back from March 6 to March 29 and raises concerns of understanding and can create tension and misunderstanding on an emotional level. Take the strength of the Black Moon in your opposite sign from May 7 to ask yourself the right questions. It will be a dream opportunity to put things back into perspective in terms of relationships and love.

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March 2 Zodiac

Versatile, intelligent, and success-oriented can describe the person with an October 21st zodiac birthday. With your natural talents, you are well suited to work in the advertising industry or to be a professor at the local university.

Do you consider yourself spontaneous?

They are both proud signs with commanding personalities and will assist each other to walk the path of success. These two live life in the fast lane and have similar call to action responses. When a job needs to get done, they understand and make allowances for each other when plans are changed to accommodate their responsibilities. They move at the same fast pace and are their energies are in step. Once they sort out who is responsible for what in their lives, the areas of life that they complement each other they can co-exist magnificently.

There is a level of understanding between these two signs that passes between them as knowingness. They are both free spirits who strive to make a difference in the world and as long as they continue to work as a team unit all is good with this star-connection.

It is possible for the bull and the lion to have fun and spoil each other, however, they are both fixed signs so they do need to be a little flexible with each other and with life itself to truly enjoy what each other brings to the relationship. Leo can find Taurus as a stable and emotional rock they can depend on through the inevitable challenging and hard times.

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Leo loves to take the credit for just about anything and everything and Taurus as a general rule is not that interested in being in the public spotlight. Rather than a grandiose display of recognition and all the fanfare Leo loves to attract and bask under, Taurus would prefer to be appreciated with cold hard cash, which is all ok with Leo too as the pursuit of money is something these two signs have in common. Leo clearly likes to be the leader, and although Taurus may take a back seat every now and again and play a passive role, and only if they are being looked after on all levels, emotionally and financially, they will play along.

As fire and air signs, these two blend harmoniously on an elemental level. Both are active, expressive and dramatic signs, and their mutual appreciation and ease with each other can feel invigorating. Leo may play a bit of a parental role to Gemini, and assuming a healthy foundation supports the relationship, this can feel good to both of them. Leo is generous and enjoys lavishing whatever they can on the object of their affection, and Gemini is perfectly suited to express the appreciation the Lion needs so deeply.

This couple can share creative endeavors of all kinds, the more expressive, playful and dramatic the better. Physical activities and cultural pursuits are other likely pleasures they will share. Though potential conflicts definitely exist, with supportive elements in their charts, they blend energy and enthusiasm with aspiration and intellect to create a fulfilling relationship.

Gemini is creative but prefers to be behind the scenes. Leo is also creative and strives to be up front and center stage. With supportive placements, this relationship can soar. These two are as different as night and day, but with compatible elements in the rest of their charts, they can complement each other in ways that satisfy them both. Leo commands the central role — all revolves around the sun, its ruling planet. Leo appreciates the Cancer intuition and sensitivity and will purr with delight when Cancer sets a romantic mood and cooks their favorite meal.

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The lion knows how to shine, how to celebrate life, and can help Cancer let go of some of their emotional baggage - assuming the lion has earned their trust. Cancer knows how to nurture and support their leading man or woman, and Leo loves to be pampered. For this match to work Leo must be sensitive to their water sign partner, not scorching them with the fires of vanity or ego domination. Cancer must guard against brooding or letting their subjective emotional states drag them down and out of the solar orbit.

The crab involved with a Leo needs to lighten up, let go a little and enjoy the sunshine. Give and take is needed. Leo likes to be in charge and organize everything and Cancer definitely has a mind of their own. If supportive placements elsewhere in their charts ease the friction between their Sun signs, this union can work. These two are fiercely loyal and courageously protective of each other, and can match the need for grand romance they both require.

Leo is a playful sign, and when neither seeks to hog the spotlight for themselves alone, they can be fun loving best friends as well as ardent lovers. Can two stars of equal magnitude make it together?

March 2 Zodiac

Yes, they can - if they are big enough to laugh at their own egos a little bit and not invest too heavily in the inevitable dramas that are sure to arise from time to time. The devotion and exquisite care these two are capable of, however, can inspire even vain and proud Leo to make each other the centers of their universe. They are natural artists, performers and leaders, and can share a passion or creative partnership in any of the arts, social movements or politics.

They are great providers and offer not only security of a financial nature but also love and comfort of an emotional nature. On the rare occasions when the going gets tough, they have the fact that they actually like each other to fall back on. A solid bond that shines like gold. Your fellow fire signs, Sagittarius and Aries, are partners who will bring out your confidence, sense of adventure, and charisma and match it with their own.

You attract partners who are able to keep you grounded and stress-free as much as possible, Virgo. They will also help you bring out the best in yourself because they relate to the kinds of needs you have. This is where Pisces comes in. With Pisces in your life, you have someone who always makes you feel like you can conquer and achieve anything. Partnership and a deep connection are two absolute must-haves in a relationship for you, Libra.

You need your other half, your twin flame — someone who can help you push through it all, no matter what life throws at you. Signs like Aquarius and Gemini are great soulmate matches for you because, as air signs themselves, they too need independence and intellectual stimulation to thrive. Additionally, Sagittarius is a great choice for you. Sagittarius is one of those zodiac signs who has an infectious amount of optimism and positivity. A soulmate connection is high on your list of things you most want in life, Scorpio.

Compatible Soulmates for Leo

Zodiac signs like Capricorn and Taurus — both earth signs — will keep you grounded and firmly in reality, especially when you second-guess yourself. If you want something more intense and emotional, Cancer is the one you should be with. This zodiac sign will always make you feel secure and loved and will respect that you need to feel totally safe and welcome in a relationship before you can really open up and be vulnerable. Sagittarius, you are most attracted to people who are fearless and adventurous.

You need a lifelong partner who is just as ambitious and motivated as you are, Capricorn. You may not always go after the same goals as your partner, but having someone by your side who will support you through all the highs and lows of life is very fulfilling. Zodiac signs like Cancer and Taurus understand the importance of setting goals and following through with them. Virgo is that person who will keep you grounded and focused on the important things in life. You need someone who can bring thought-provoking conversation, intellectual stimulation, and curiosity to everything you do.

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Fellow air signs Libra and Gemini can do just that since they too are looking for the same things in a relationship. Another zodiac sign who is on the same page as you when it comes to what you need in a relationship is Sagittarius. This zodiac sign understands the value of freedom and independence better than anyone.

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